Jan 14

How To Choose Between Plated Meals And Buffet

If you are planning a party or an event, you might be torn between buffet and a seat down dinner. What you prefer is not the only thing you should consider but the event’s setting as well as the attendees. To satisfy the guests with the served meal, presentation plays a major role. If you choose hastily without weighing things over, your event might be met with criticism at the end of the day.

If the event you are hosting is a formal one, then it is best to have served meal for every table. It is not good to see formally dressed attendees going around the buffet table getting their food. Unless it is a wedding where the reception is set to be informal, a buffet setting should be thought of twice before deciding. Another factor which you have to consider when choosing between plated meals and buffet is the size of the party. It is not practical to get a buffet setting if you have a lot of guests on your list. It is estimated that a buffet line with two sides serving at the same time can only accommodate 100 guests within 30 to 40 minutes. If you have more than 100 guests, then you will need to add another buffet line which can eat up the space inside the event.

If you want your guests to have uniform experience, serving plated meals is ideal. They only need to wait for the food to be served while making use of the time conversing with other guests on their table. They do not have to go around the room carrying plates and utensils while getting their food.

There are two special cases wherein a buffet should be chosen over plated meals. The first one is if the meal has more than two options for the entrée. This is usually done by the planner if they are not sure about the food preferences of their attendees. This setting is common in parties, pre-game functions as well as luncheons wherein time and consistency of service is not the utmost priority. Another situation wherein buffet should be used is when the event is a standing reception. If you want to try what a buffet setting feels like, go to a Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet.

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Dec 07

HCG Or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – The Good Way To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a common struggle for most of us, and HCG drops might be the most effective solution everyone is waiting for. In the duration of most people’s lifetime, the trial and error of losing weight have been a great challenge. Though many diet programs work, most of us approach it the wrong way. Losing weight is a process, and like many others, it requires effort and time. The journey of losing weight and keeping the excess weight off needs work and in order to gain the result one dreams of, one must be ready to give it all their best and that includes some personal sacrifices and strong will.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HCG drops are made up of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone found in women during pregnancy. Many extensive studies and research have long linked HCG as a hormone naturally created by the body that can aid in effectively losing weight. It is important to note that scientifically, shedding off excess weight is not the primary function of this hormone in the body, but only a chemical whose nature can aid in the process of losing weight. HCG is only a supplement that can assist in losing weight. To effectively lose weight using HCG, a system or a formula of processes was developed to maximize its potential in helping the body lose weight. Of course, if the process is not thoroughly followed, the visible weight that is lost is minimal.

HCG vs Other Diet Pills

Following the HCG diet program, apart from just taking the HCG drops, promises significant weight loss in record time. The same promise other diet pills have. It is hard to judge other diet pills because research has to be done to rule out if they technically work or not, but diet pills have ingredients that are all foreign to the human body. HCG is a hormone from the human body, so it is proven safe. HCG is neither dangerous nor harmful to our health since our own body can produce it. HCG is a natural stimulant to weight loss that our body already recognize, and the entire program only maximizes its potential to aid in losing weight.

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Nov 27

How To Choose The Right Floor For A Condo Unit

With Thailand fast becoming a property investment destination, there are many condominium buildings being started to attract foreign investors, tourists and retirees.

For every buyer, there are considerations being contemplated on. Even a condo unit’s floor number is an important aspect of this decision. Choosing which floor can be difficult. This is not something that is purely based from want, there are a set of benefits and disadvantages with every floor level. Even for some people, a condo floor is where their decision lies primarily.

Here are some factors to consider when picking the best condo floor.


When a breathtaking view is of utmost importance to you, a condo unit on a higher floor is the best thing to get. However, a great view also increases the price and value of a unit. This is especially true when the view is a gorgeous beach that showcases the best sunrises or sunsets.


In a lot of high rise condominiums, the units really get very expensive for those in the higher floors. So when money is an issue or when the price tag is too much for that great view, then a unit on a lower floor is a better and a practical option.


There are many people who can’t tolerate using the stairs or waiting for elevators. If an easy access is a great deal to you, this means that it is best to choose a unit from the first three to five floors. It is also best for the elderly and handicapped people to reside at lower floors.


The upper floors mean peace and quiet, and you won’t also be bothered by traffic noise. However, there may still be times that you’ll deal with noisy tenants.


When a condominium building has great security, it doesn’t matter which floor you are located.


Those in higher floors will have a difficult time getting out from the building in case of earthquakes, fires, bomb scares or other emergencies. Still, condominium buildings have evacuation and other safety measures in case an emergency occurs.


So whether you are looking for a condo for sale Pattaya overlooking the beach or a Bangkok unit with access to the city, there are numerous choices in the market. All you have to do is check then decide on the purchase, of course with considerations for the floor number.

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Nov 24

The Renter’s Advantage In Hiring Professionals – How To Get The Best Value For Your Money In End Of Lease Cleaning

The most stressful thing about moving out is cleaning. Add with it the pressure of getting your bond back. Real estate agents in Melbourne can be fussy, especially in giving your bond back when you end your tenancy. The best move to have it your way is to get a professional to do it, saving you time and effort. There are a lot of credible end of lease cleaners in Melbourne with a wealth of experience.

Cleaning cost

A bond is usually equivalent to an entire month’s rent, a big chunk that can help you further with other moving expenses. Property owners will not return it unless the property is clean and ready for the next tenant. It would be better to hire professionals for this job and spend a little in order to save. Starting pay for end of lease cleaners in Melbourne is only around $15 and across the market average is $30 per hour. For packages, where several well put-together services are already included, the flat rate starts at $250.


Tenants need not worry themselves with regards to the cleaning as the sample $250 flat rate can already get a regular two bedroom property fully scrubbed. The usual package of that rate gets the property cleaned top to bottom, including the toilet, stove top and oven. This rate usually already includes windows, doors, walls, and floor. Needless to say, prices vary according to the extent of cleaning needed and the property size, but for a regular two bedroom house, this should already include carpet steam cleaning. For bigger properties, three bedrooms and up, the rate should be around $400.

Professional cleaners

While non-professionals may take a day or two to completely clean an entire house when moving out, professional cleaners can get it done in just a fraction of the time. Most people who did the cleaning by themselves thinking that they can handle it underestimated the hard work required, immediately regretting it. Professional cleaners are well trained so they do the job smarter and faster.

Follow up service

If you do not get your bond back because of a cleaning issue, most end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne would gladly go back to the property to rectify the issue, as part of the agreement, and do so with no additional pay.

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Nov 23

How To Ensure You Are Buying Assignments From A Reputable Website

Doing a homework demands so much time. The time spent on reading a textbook, writing an essay or completing an assignment can instead be spent on numerous other things.

Many companies have started selling assignments online. There are reputable websites which make and sell high quality assignments. However, there are also many that sell recycled or used assignments.

Here are things to consider when buying assignments online. This will help in ensuring that you are working with a reputable website or company.

Does the website allow you to pick a writer?

When you are able to pick a writer, this means that a website is truly committed to delivering unique assignments. This is especially important since there are online applications that check for plagiarism. So, it is very important for the writer to create that assignment specifically for you only.

Does the website provide formatting in Chicago Style, APA, MLA, etc.?

An important requirement especially for major assignments is to include references or resources. A reputable website follows the rules of indicating these references or resources. Also, there are professors that demand a style for a subject matter or a different formatting. When a website doesn’t offer different formatting, this is an indication of them not writing from scratch.

Does the website send the assignments to your private email?

This ensures that the assignment is written only for you. This also means they keep your information secure and private.

Does the website provide free revisions?

Reputable websites provide one round of revisions for free, so it has that similar voice.

Does the website assure that your assignment is not sold to their other customers?

In this business of selling assignments, there are disreputable websites that resell assignments in order for them to profit more. When similar assignments circulate in the web, there is a bigger possibility of getting accused of plagiarism.


In sum, when choosing an assignment writing service, you should always make sure to consider your own academic reputation. Colleges and universities have tough policies regarding plagiarism. It will be difficult if you pass an assignment that you didn’t write yourself and be accused of plagiarism too. You might end up getting expelled from the college or university.


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