Useful Tips On How To Blog About Business

One of the best states to start a business is Ohio because of presence of hardworking people with good work ethics; something that you might not find in other states. The cost of living is lower with cheap rents. This means that the people have more money to spend on products and services.

However, once you start a business, you also need to consider blogging for marketing purposes. Many businesses have grown online because they were able to build a reputation of authority through informative and relevant blogs. For those who are new with blogging, take a few minutes to read the following tips:

  • Blogging is not easy. You have to invest a lot of time and efforts to achieve results. There are businesses that have used blogs over the years in order to reach their audience. However, blogging is easier that knocking at 100 doors to offer a product.
  • When writing a company blog, it must be about the buyer and not the company. Provide value to the readers by answering their questions and addressing their ideas. You will notice an increase in the traffic to your site because you are doing the right approach.
  • When writing a blog, make sure that you will interact with your readers. When there are customer service inquiries, respond immediately. Always remember that readers of your blog are either leads or conversions that deserve your attention. The more you connect with readers, the more attention you will gain.
  • There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to blogging. It is a skill that improves with practice. Make sure to improve your writing because your brand is being judged online through your blogs.
  • Always write quality content instead of writing numerous blogs that do not make sense. Always listen to your audience; they will tell you what they want to read on your blog.

Do not assume that because people are looking for information regarding Ohio and how to start a business, they will not read your blog. If your blog has the information, they will find it when they make a search through Google or other search engines.

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How A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Phangan Takes You There Safely?

So you’re here now in Bangkok and have had a chance to explore this crazy city. Your next step is to travel to KohPhangan where you get to see the lovely beaches. But the problem is how do you get there? Certainly, there is the bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan, but it’s uncertain if you’ll ever have a comfortable ride. Maybe you need to scout for ideas on how to get there and choose the best option, like those found below:

Train and Boat

If you’re travelling southeast from capital to Surat Thani, you can ride several trains that take you there. The travel can take around nine hours to complete the journey. Then you need to ride a coach from the station to the pier in Donsak. From there you can ride a boat that takes you approximately four hours depending on the weather. You can also ride the sleeper train that gets you to Surat Thani the next day. In the afternoon, you unexpectedly arrive at your destination, KohPhangan. Ensure that you bring along a jacket as it can get really cold while travelling.


You can take the bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan as the cheapest option. However, you may be uncomfortable with the travel especially that it takes you around 19 hours to reach here. If you’re on a budget, you can book in VIP buses which travel slowly to ensure your safety. But it also allows you to see the real beauty of Thailand as you travel down south.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much airlines travelling to KohSamui airport except for Bangkok Airways. It makes the Bangkok-Samui route very expensive to travel in Thailand. Flying to KohSamui by day will get you a plane ticket costing around 4000 baht. If you travel by night, you pay half the price. However, you need to book in advance as plane tickets sell out fast. Once you reach KohSamui, let a taxi driver take you to the next boat to KohPhangan.

The bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan may be the cheapest ride to get you there. However, if you want to get around the island, you need to hire or rent a scooter.

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What You Need To Know Before Launching A Business In Washington

Washington State is one of the most preferred states by entrepreneurs and individuals because of its favorable tax policy. The people there are not required to submit to the state their personal income tax. Small businesses are also spared of the burden of paying taxes as long as their revenue is not more than $43,000. In order to enjoy these, businesses are required to get an EIN in Washington and everybody knows that the process is not that easy. Here are the important steps to follow.

First, send the Secretary of State a copy of your formation document. There are those that might say that processing a business license from the Department of Revenue should be the first thing that you have to do but the fact is that it could slow down your process. This step can also be accomplished easily as long as you know all the documents you have to submit. For corporations, prepare the Articles of Incorporation while LLCs will need to have a Certificate of Formation. You might have to consider going through an agent because one of the required information is the name, address and signature of a local agent.

Online processing will get you the result within three days while via mail might take around three weeks. An email confirmation will be sent by the Secretary of State to confirm the formation of your business along with the UBI (Unified Business Identifier) number with nine digits. This should be sent directly to you by the Secretary of State to avoid duplicates from multiple agents.

After you have received your UBI number, you can proceed in processing your business license through the Business Licensing Service. This will let concerned agencies know about the business you are into and to help you pay employment insurance as well as taxes with ease. Application process can be done within two days and in special cases where application should be done by paper could take around 21 days to be completed.

If your business is going to pay federal taxes then it is necessary to get an EIN in Washington which can be accomplished online or through an agent.

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How A Hotel In Sukhumvit Bangkok Can Make You See What’s It Like In The Chao Phraya River?

In Thailand, the main river is the Chao Phraya River and is the main reason why Bangkok is flourishing till today. Booking a hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok is easier as there are many options of high quality hotels offered to local and international tourists.

Many luxury, mid-ranged and budget hotels have opened in the riverside to accommodate travellers from all walks of life. The riverside view in these hotels make tourists see a panoramic view of the entire city, the Chao Phraya and its surroundings. As the river is the heart of the city, you can see the best sights, sounds and events taking place by the riverside. This is why you should book in a hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok for a breath-taking scenery of the entire Bangkok.

Travel by the River: If you’re staying in a marvellous hotel in Bangkok, you’re here for a memorable night especially that the city is renowned for its impressive nightlife. In Sukhumvit, you’ll find many high-class cocktail bars with rooftop settings and you can see the incredible view of the city. By the river are party boats floating up and down the river especially at night. The boats are adorned with disco lights and mirror ballsand make you feel you are in a trendy nightclub. As you sail by the river, you see the real beauty of Bangkok; however, the fun ends at midnight.

If you don’t see the river at night, you should at least see it during daytime. You’ll notice that it’s busier by day with over 50,000 people crossing the river through ferry boats. Here you can see traditional buildings and attractions that you don’t get to see at night. There’s also the riverside hotels that offer you a breath-takingview of the city.

Thai New Year: If you are booked in a nice hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok, ensure a stay between the 13th to the 15th of April, as this is when the Songkran Festival begins. As Bangkok is the country’s capital, it’s where the wildest celebrations take place. The festival will have people throw water at passers-by as a means of cleansing and to celebrate. The festival will have Bangkok’s religious leaders bless the city’s younger generations. This festival is also commemorated in Cambodia and Laos and some other cities in Thailand, which may take three days to complete the festival.

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Things Tax Bloggers Should Know About US Tax Laws

If you’re looking to help some people apply for EIN in Colorado, or just looking to write a bit of blog advice for your friends looking to file their tax returns, you yourself need a good grasp of the tax system of the US. Now, of course, you don’t need a degree on economics or whatever, but brushing up on a topic before talking about it shouldn’t be a decision, it’s just part of the process.

  • Worldwide Taxation
    • In simplest terms, US citizens get taxed regardless where they are and where that money comes from. If you’re a US citizen who’s writing a blog about, oh, say, taxes and how to apply for EIN in Colorado for a web company on the other side of the world, your income’s US taxable. You don’t have to live in US territory to be taxed by the US; if, for example, you managed to apply for EIN in Colorado, and have an EIN, you’ll be taxed by Colorado government.
  • Report to the IRS.
    • Income made by a US citizen is reported to the IRS, regardless of what form its given and how much of it is given, you’ll get a Form W-2 only if you’re an employee of a company. Regardless of what legal form you get from the IRS, you’ll need to report any payment made to you as income, regardless of how much it is.
  • If you’re a blogger, you need to discern personal and business expenses.
    • Any expense that is considered ordinary and necessary to your blogging, IE. the payments you made to pay bills you actually need to do blog, like internet connection, hosting fees, and computer software, can be deductible. The important thing is to learn what’s personal and what’s business.
  • Blogging as a business is different from doing it as a hobby.
    • Business is a serious pursuit, a hobby is something done for fun. You need to make it clear which your blogging is, as that’s what the IRS will use to determine what’s deductable and what isn’t. If you want to be considered a business, you need to adhere to the standards the US set for its businesses.

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